Wednesday, 25 December 2013

New VEHICLE.TXD for GTA San Andreas V0.1

Still kind of WIP but i will release this.Only changed the Carplates the speedometers  and the Text yet.

This is them.

Download it if you want.

New FRONTEN_PC.TXD for GTA San Andreas

As the title says it replaces the mouse and the crosshair inside fronten_pc.txd.
Means you get a new mouse (In pause menu, not in chat (SA:MP)) and the crosshair, which appears when you press LMB on the Map.

This is how they look

Enjoy this small mod!


New HUD.TXD V1.1 for GTA San Andreas

Fixed bugs bugs and more bugs. As present for christmas realeased.
The icons are nearly same as before so i think screens are not needed. Merry Christmas!


Enjoy it.

Thursday, 5 September 2013

New HUD.TXD V1.0 for GTA San Andreas

Hellow ma first mod hope you like it.
This mod replaces all files located in "Hud.txd" from GTA San andreas.

As you can see there may be some bugs and im sorry for that.
Even if i know some i don't know how to fix them but nevermind.
Please respect my work and don't steal it.

Thanks for downloading and enjoy!