Wednesday, 30 April 2014

[REL]BF3 JNG-90 Sniper Rifle / JNG-90 Bolt Action Rifle

Today I am releasing the JNG-90. Maybe a requested gun too. Depends.

Here are the screens:

(Up: JNG-90 Sniper Rifle | Down: JNG-90 Bolt Action Rifle)

Download links:


Tuesday, 29 April 2014

[REL]BF3 AEK Assault Rifle

Wohoo! Nero, no Rifle? Well, sorry. Today I really had no time to do a Rifle so I took the AEK which I already did. Tomorow I have more time again.


(Click for zoom)

Download link:


Monday, 28 April 2014

[REL]BF3 SV-98 Bolt Action Rifle/ Sniper Rifle

You may have noticed I didn't release a mod at 16:00 today. Due less time a day to mod I will upload the mods around 18:00-19:00, my timezone (+1). Sorry for that.

Today it's the SV-98. Again it replaces the rifle and the sniper rifle.


(Up: SV-98 Bolt Action Rifle | Down: SV-98 Sniper Rifle)



Sunday, 27 April 2014

[REL]BF3 Barret M107 Recoil Reloader/ M107 Sniper Rifle

Today it's the M107. I think the only part in Battlefield 3 where you can use it is at the mission where you break into Makarov's Villa. Anyway, two versions of it as always.


(Up: Barret M107 Recoil Reloader Rifle | Down: Barret M107 Sniper Rifle)

Download links:


Saturday, 26 April 2014

[REL]M40A5 Bolt Action Rifle/ M40A5 Sniper Rifle

One of my Favorit guns, the M40A5 is released today. Again includes two versions replacing either the cuntgun, the sniper or both. Enjoy.


(Up: M40A5 Bolt Action Rifle | Down: M40A5 Sniper Rifle)

Download links:


Friday, 25 April 2014

[REL]BF3 MK11 Semi automatic Rifle/ MK11 Sniper Rifle

Today I release the MK11 replacing the country gun and the sniper. Both replacements are external.
I am going to release the rifles now I think. Then later on Assault rifles.

Screens of them both ingame:

(Up: MK11 Sniper Rifle Down: MK11 Semi-automatic Rifle)

Download links:


Thursday, 24 April 2014

[REL]BF3 ACB-90 Combat Knife

You may also know it under the name "Premium knife" as only Premium players have it in Battlefield 3.
The orange grip is the only thing I don't like at it but the rest is fine. Tomorow I may start with the Rifles and Snipers. If so, the MK11 would be the first.

As always, a screen:

(click for zoom)

Download link:


Wednesday, 23 April 2014

[REL]BF3 KA-BAR Combat Knife

Today the KA-BAR. A very nice looking knife in my view. Tomorow I'll post the Premium knife. Till next Monday uploads are going to happen at around 15:00-16:30 Middle European time. From next monday on my vaciation ends and I have less time to make mods. I used to upload this moda hour ago but then my game got fucked up by an force I can't explain.

A screen from ingame:

(click for zoom)

And not to forget, the download link:


Tuesday, 22 April 2014

[REL]BF3 M9,Silenced/ MP-443,Silenced/ 1911 Colt,Silenced and the G17 Silenced

So now I upload the last Pistols of Battlefield 3. I upload so many today so that I have the Pistols finished. Next up tomorow might e the two knives (altough the Premium one looks really ugly in my view). All guns except the G17 have a normal and silenced version. I already released the G17 normal version so scroll down if you want to download it. And sorry taht these guns do not look so good this time. I had less time yesterday and today morning. The next ones will be better!

And now, Screens. 2 Of the unsilenced versions and 2 of the silenced ones:

(Left upper corner: 1911 Colt Silenced Left downer corner M9 Pistol
Right upper corner G17 Silenced Right downer corner MP-443)

Download linkds:


Monday, 21 April 2014

[REL]BF3 93R Burst Pistol

Here it is. It seems that every gun that is smaller than the original tec-9 has the bug with the gunflash. You can choose between replacing the micro_uzi the tec9 or both. As you wish.

Here's a screen:

(click for zoom)

And here is the download link:


[INFO]Upcoming releases about BF4 weapons and UMPs

Well since my friend Nero here will work on his own BF3 project I will do the same with BF4 weapons. So let's start off with my favorite gun of mine: The UMP family.
UMP 45 and UMP 9
Even though, I love the gun as much as the game, it's quite dissapointing that they both share the same model aswell as texture ( except the magazine, UMP 9 has it's own ). So I will admit it's not as good as I expected and another prove that DICE was lazy again. If you guys want attachments, let me know in shoutbox. For now I will give it both an angled grip and a holo sight.

[REL]BF3 Rex Revolver/ G18 Automatic Pistol/ 93R Burst Pistol later this day

Today I will release three guns so I can finish the pistols tomorow. The G18 and the 93R, which I will release today neither can be both replaced as the Tec-9 or the Mac. The Rex replaces the Desert Eagle ofcourse. The G18 somehow has the bug on the Tec-9 that the gunflash is a bit deposed. I tried my best to fix it but it didn't work. The Mac version works fine.
 Tomorow I will release 4 Pistols. Actually 3. The M9, the MP-443, the 1911 Colt and the silenced version of the G17. All other three guns will include a silenced version too.

Anyway, screens:

                                                G18                                                     REX

And here the download links:


Sunday, 20 April 2014


 Well since the original not that good i did a V2 improvement of it. I forgot to upload this 3 months ago so forgive me =)
What got fixed ? 
- Fixed hand position
- Fixed the messy icon
Download here

[REL]BF3 QBU-88 Semi-automatic Rifle/QBU-88 Sniper Rifle

Today The QBU-88 as two types. Either replacing the Country Rifle or the Sniper. Both types linked extern.
I can't belive how to set up an Ironsight so high but aslong it hits I'm okay with that.

Here are two screens showing both types:

                                         QBU-88 Sniper                            QBU-88 Semi-automatic Rifle

And here are the download links:


Saturday, 19 April 2014

[REL]Left 4 Dead Portable Minigun

Well I kept this model for a long time now: I had no time to make it but now I did it =)
Proper credits are in the readme.
Funny thing: Most people will say that there is no portable Minigun in L4D. That is true. But the guy who did this modeled the trigger system and the handle too nice for it to be left there without conversion.
Small bugs:
1: This is the first time I make a mod for minigun, so I tried to make it rotate to keep it close to the original as possible but it doesn't rotate as good as I expected. But hey, it still rotates.
2: The hand position is not so good like one from the original model. the arms of CJ are too short to reach the carry handle on this one. Don't blame me, blame Rockstar :P.

[REL]BF3 44. Magnum Scoped/ G17

Here are two other Guns from BF3 which I'll release. I wanted to release the Scoped one yesterday but then I noticed I didn't make it yet. So here you have the Scoped 44. Magnum and the G17 both from BF3.

Pictures of them Ingame:

                                                G17                                        44. Magnum Scoped

And here are the download links:


Friday, 18 April 2014

[REL]BF3 44. Magnum

Here we start with the uploads. Today the 44. Magnum from BF3.
There isn't really much to say about it. It's a Revolver replacing the Desert eagle.

Here's a picture of it ingame:
(click for zoom)

(opens in new tab)


Thursday, 17 April 2014

[REL]Bushmaster M4A3

So I haven't read carefully about this variant of the M4A1. I believed this gun's correct name is the M4A3  as it has a removable carry handle instead of a permanently fixed one. Sorry if I spelled the wrong name in the download and the readme. The Bushmaster M4A3 features semi auto and burst fire mode for the civilian market in the U.S although some other country's militaries use it as primary weapon for their troops.

P/s: Sorry for my mistake. I forgot to add the download link when i post this. Thanks Miguel for report this

[REL]Insurgency Weapon Pack

So, It's been a while without updates. That is because I was busy making a new weapon pack for GTA.
This time it shall be the weapons from the game "Insurgency". What is Insurgency? It's an hardcore realistic first person shooter. Check it out on your own!

Anyway, about the pack. It contains nearly all weapons the game has until now. The only weapon which I wasn't able to get was the M57 Claymore because I found no model of it. But the rest is in it!
The finger of CJ is, as always, in the exact trigger possition, making it look nicer. Read the Readme.pdf for more information.

You are free to request weapons from me if you think I am good enough at it for you in the comments. But please send links to where I can get the model from. It's easier for me and you.

Oh and as a side note, I won't make the Battlefield 3 guns as pack as it would take too long for me.
I am simply going to release a gun per day or more as I said (depends, I already made a lot of them.). Once I released them I will look forward for requests or websites for models.

As I guess you didn't read that all, here are a few pictures:

                                                                         (click for zoom)


Monday, 7 April 2014

[REL/INFO]AK-47 and Information

Hello there!

Nothis and myself have been a bit inactive about modding. Yet I am currently working on a BF3 Weapon pack including lots of guns from explosives to pistols! I know, BF3 is a bit old but once I finished the BF3 pack I might do some BF4 guns. Once the package is done I will upload one gun a day. For the people who don't want to download every mod I will make an full pack once all Guns are up. I might upload some status of the pack though. Let's see!

And yes, you read AK-47. Here is it! I made an wooden version of the AK-47, an Russian assault rifle. Tho model is made by "Tigg" from the gamebanana community. The Import is made all by myself.
There is not really anything left to say.

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