Tuesday, 22 April 2014

[REL]BF3 M9,Silenced/ MP-443,Silenced/ 1911 Colt,Silenced and the G17 Silenced

So now I upload the last Pistols of Battlefield 3. I upload so many today so that I have the Pistols finished. Next up tomorow might e the two knives (altough the Premium one looks really ugly in my view). All guns except the G17 have a normal and silenced version. I already released the G17 normal version so scroll down if you want to download it. And sorry taht these guns do not look so good this time. I had less time yesterday and today morning. The next ones will be better!

And now, Screens. 2 Of the unsilenced versions and 2 of the silenced ones:

(Left upper corner: 1911 Colt Silenced Left downer corner M9 Pistol
Right upper corner G17 Silenced Right downer corner MP-443)

Download linkds:


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