Saturday, 26 July 2014

[INFO]Official long term vacation

It being too busy for both of us to barely make any mods so it official, we are taking a break from modding for some time.
Sorry about it, time is just too short to do anything so we want to enjoy summer as we can as it's nearly over for both me and nero.

Friday, 18 July 2014

[REL]Planetside 2 Nanite Systems NS Deep Freeze Pistol

Replaces the pistol. I will release the last NS weapons and then take a break (a real one) from modding for some time. Comes with a new muzzle flash which should look like the cold dust from the game.


(Up: The weapons | Down: New Muzzle Flash)


Saturday, 12 July 2014

[REL/REQ]FG42 Battle Rifle 2 Versions

Here it is. Finnaly. It comes in two versions, Dark and Bright wood.


(Up: Dark Version | Down: Bright Version)


Friday, 11 July 2014


Another release ? Sure, why not. But this is the first time i made a mod for combat shotgun so and it turns out to be PAIN IN THE ASS LITERATELY !!!! It supposed to be a grenade launcher but idk what to replace so i tried to make it with my new method no muzzle flash ( obvious it a grenade launcher ), and what i got ? Totally epic 10x times failed -_-. Gonna need to do some more testing to make sure my method works.
Anyway, this is a fictional weapon, it heavily resembling Milkor MGL Mk1 with RIS on the barrel. The only thing that disapointed me is this model is already got converted, but one more won't hurt anyone would we ?
Download from Mediafire
Download from MEGA

Thursday, 10 July 2014

[REL]Planetside 2 Nanite Systems NS-44 Commissioner 2 Versions

Today the NS-44 as two versions. The normal one and another one I found which looks pretty nice. As always they fit the hand and the other stuff.


(Up: Normal Version/ Down: Second Version)


Wednesday, 9 July 2014

[INFO]New method of making real silenced/suppressed weapons ( no muzzle flash )

After a while, i had studied how to make muzzle flash completely invisible ( means you only see smoke ). Did some couple of tests, turn out work like charm. Expects to see more real proper silenced/suppressed mods ;)


Nothing too special, just some quick works. Like usual 2 links in case one of them is down. Model from year 1976
P/s: Thanks all for 4000 views, something special will be release if we reached 10k :D

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

[INFO/REL]About Ripping/ Planetside 2 Nanite Systems NS Baron G5 Combat Shotgun

Thanks for 4000 Blog views!
I am sorry for the inactivity. I was very busy learning how to rip properly and failed many times. Right now I am ripping S.W.A.T 4 Weapons so you can expect a full pack soon. Also here is another gun from Planetside 2. Next up are the four Pistols and then I am done with the Nanite Systems ones I think.


(click for zoom)


Saturday, 5 July 2014

[REL]Planetside 2 NS-30 Vandal Scout Rifle

I wanted to make a sniper version too but there simply was no scope that would fit the one from GTA San Andreas. So here it is, a cuntgun replacement. I can add diffrent scopes on request and bla bla.


(click for zoom)


Friday, 4 July 2014

[INFO]Something new

I took a break from weapon modding and bought a new game about Planes. The models are very nice and I managed to rig the first plane with textures. Well here's the progress so far:

(Click for zoom)

The only problem now is my pc itself. I can barely even run the game and so more rigging will be likely hard. I tried converting the game files but I couldn't do anything there.


[INFO]Weekly Release

Unlike Nero who can do daily releases,  I will do weekly releases since modding got boring for a few weeks now. I am pretty sure it is the reason most of the good modders like Rudi, Midway, Crowz and Frost stopped. But hey this blog is new and it won't go down without me doing something about it!
P/s: I wish i could do some real silenced weapons like midway, especially when you use it, just smoke with no flash, gotta love that ;)

[REL]XM8 Pack V1

The ultimate XM8 pack you can ever get !
I never had a chance to release it due to some problems with concept of LMG/Marksman variant.
The LMG ( more info here ) is designed to have longer barrel than how it looks in the preview pic and also intergraded bipod, but because it is cancelled before it finalized so here it has a fictional bipod. Im really tired about this pack due to multiples fix and testing so  i will leave you with this one, remember to report on the shoutbox if you found any bugs. V2 will come out soon enough with proper LMG variant and the Marksman as well.
P/s: This is a heavy beast, nearly 15~ MB, but it worth the download :P
Ask for permission if you wanna release elsewhere. Hard works was paid to make this beauty !
Download from Mediafire
Download from MEGA
Happy USA Independence Day 4 July from Nothis ! :D