Friday, 4 July 2014

[REL]XM8 Pack V1

The ultimate XM8 pack you can ever get !
I never had a chance to release it due to some problems with concept of LMG/Marksman variant.
The LMG ( more info here ) is designed to have longer barrel than how it looks in the preview pic and also intergraded bipod, but because it is cancelled before it finalized so here it has a fictional bipod. Im really tired about this pack due to multiples fix and testing so  i will leave you with this one, remember to report on the shoutbox if you found any bugs. V2 will come out soon enough with proper LMG variant and the Marksman as well.
P/s: This is a heavy beast, nearly 15~ MB, but it worth the download :P
Ask for permission if you wanna release elsewhere. Hard works was paid to make this beauty !
Download from Mediafire
Download from MEGA
Happy USA Independence Day 4 July from Nothis ! :D

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