Friday, 11 July 2014


Another release ? Sure, why not. But this is the first time i made a mod for combat shotgun so and it turns out to be PAIN IN THE ASS LITERATELY !!!! It supposed to be a grenade launcher but idk what to replace so i tried to make it with my new method no muzzle flash ( obvious it a grenade launcher ), and what i got ? Totally epic 10x times failed -_-. Gonna need to do some more testing to make sure my method works.
Anyway, this is a fictional weapon, it heavily resembling Milkor MGL Mk1 with RIS on the barrel. The only thing that disapointed me is this model is already got converted, but one more won't hurt anyone would we ?
Download from Mediafire
Download from MEGA

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  1. Hey bro! the gun look really nice! and it could be a perfect fit with the grenade launcher mod for cleo. Which will be replace the flower and let you shoot like grenade launcher + shell drop just like GTA IV.