Wednesday, 9 July 2014


Nothing too special, just some quick works. Like usual 2 links in case one of them is down. Model from year 1976
P/s: Thanks all for 4000 views, something special will be release if we reached 10k :D


  1. Russian Gentleman23 October 2014 at 09:28

    There is a very interesting thing about silenced variant. The silencer you used with your AK-74 is russian PBS-4 for 5,45x39 ammo. It's correct and in theory it could be attached to AK-74 series. But I served in russian army, I'm specialist in that question and I have never heard about PBS-4 attached to any weapon except AKS-74UB complex. (NOTIFICATION: AKS-74UB is a 5,45 mm short barrel (carbine) assault rifle silenced with PBS-4. AKS-74UB is a part of silenced weapon system that includes 5,45 mm silenced assault rifle and silenced 30 mm grenade launcher.) I think that PBS-4 used only with carbine because 5,45 bullet is a really high speed 940 m/s in AK-74 and 760 m/s in carbined AKS-74U. So 700m/s much easily lead to subsonic 290m/s. That's why PBS-4 used only with AKS-74U.

    Maybe you should create AKS-74U with PBS-4? Here are very accurate AKS-74U copies by Llama:

    Also your AK-74 has a real cool twin made by the same russian guy called Mr.Rifleman. Here is it:
    This is AKS-74N and it would be nice if you make it for SA.

    btw, Mr.Rifleman has made many interesting Russian weapon models:

    (ONE MORE NOTIFICATION about all these strange russian letters. A = automatic assault rifle; K = Kalashnikov; S = folding stoke; 74 = 1974 year and 74 serie of 5,45x39 caliber; U = short (carbine) barrel 225 mm instead of 415 mm; M = Modernised in russia means more comfortable and reliable versions of ak; N = NSPU - nightvision scope. such ak has an night scope planque for any scopes that could be attached to it; B = ak has silencer attached; L = has a muzzleflash hider for comfort nightvision scope shooting).

    Don't blame me for my awful english=)))

    Ох и многа букавже)

    1. No need for the info about Russia classification letters, i learned them while i was bored lol. In the beginning i was going for no silencer, but it is there in the gun anyway so for the sake of a convenience work, i did the silenced variant as well. Thanks for pointing it out, i will make a big proper AK pack very soon.

    2. P/s: This model was done by Mr.Rifleman as well, i listed his name in the credits

  2. Russian Gentleman2 November 2014 at 06:33

    Yep, I recognized his AK74 at a go. He made the best AKs I ever seen. You are welcome - I will be waiting for your AK pack. If you will need some advices about correct attachments, tuning or experience of real battle AK using here's my email: - I can help. I'm talking about real-life-usage of the battle AK. (when we are talking about strikeball or other games you can attach anything and it will work, but that won't work in the field. For example, you can't use 40mm grenade launcher GP25/30/34 with most of optics and reflex sights - the first GL shot will be the last one for your sight - it will be 100% broken. That's why stalker AKS-74N variant with PSO1, GP25 and Silencer is unreal. You can use AK with GL and Silencer only if your AK is AKM/AKMS/AK103/AK104 - all of them 7,62mm. But there are no standard soviet silencers for any 5,45mm except AKS-74U. It's a life:) There are many other details about real AK and you can learn them only if you are professional solder with everyday using experience).

    1. Although i don't own any irl guns, i pretty sure there are many types of silencers for the AK series, but for me the PBS series are more common than other. Im not sure about what Russian SF uses tho, but the AK 100th series will accept most of suppressor available. Anyway, AK pack should be ready soon if i stop being lazy enough XD