Saturday, 19 April 2014

[REL]Left 4 Dead Portable Minigun

Well I kept this model for a long time now: I had no time to make it but now I did it =)
Proper credits are in the readme.
Funny thing: Most people will say that there is no portable Minigun in L4D. That is true. But the guy who did this modeled the trigger system and the handle too nice for it to be left there without conversion.
Small bugs:
1: This is the first time I make a mod for minigun, so I tried to make it rotate to keep it close to the original as possible but it doesn't rotate as good as I expected. But hey, it still rotates.
2: The hand position is not so good like one from the original model. the arms of CJ are too short to reach the carry handle on this one. Don't blame me, blame Rockstar :P.

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