Thursday, 17 April 2014

[REL]Insurgency Weapon Pack

So, It's been a while without updates. That is because I was busy making a new weapon pack for GTA.
This time it shall be the weapons from the game "Insurgency". What is Insurgency? It's an hardcore realistic first person shooter. Check it out on your own!

Anyway, about the pack. It contains nearly all weapons the game has until now. The only weapon which I wasn't able to get was the M57 Claymore because I found no model of it. But the rest is in it!
The finger of CJ is, as always, in the exact trigger possition, making it look nicer. Read the Readme.pdf for more information.

You are free to request weapons from me if you think I am good enough at it for you in the comments. But please send links to where I can get the model from. It's easier for me and you.

Oh and as a side note, I won't make the Battlefield 3 guns as pack as it would take too long for me.
I am simply going to release a gun per day or more as I said (depends, I already made a lot of them.). Once I released them I will look forward for requests or websites for models.

As I guess you didn't read that all, here are a few pictures:

                                                                         (click for zoom)


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