Monday, 7 April 2014

[REL/INFO]AK-47 and Information

Hello there!

Nothis and myself have been a bit inactive about modding. Yet I am currently working on a BF3 Weapon pack including lots of guns from explosives to pistols! I know, BF3 is a bit old but once I finished the BF3 pack I might do some BF4 guns. Once the package is done I will upload one gun a day. For the people who don't want to download every mod I will make an full pack once all Guns are up. I might upload some status of the pack though. Let's see!

And yes, you read AK-47. Here is it! I made an wooden version of the AK-47, an Russian assault rifle. Tho model is made by "Tigg" from the gamebanana community. The Import is made all by myself.
There is not really anything left to say.

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  1. Russian Kind Man23 October 2014 at 07:40

    Please, don't blame me, but it's not AK-47. It's AKM. Just input it in google and check.