Sunday, 2 November 2014

[REL]S.W.A.T Tac pack

I kinda put Nero stressed out a bit for not releasing any mods for few months and let him do everything lol :P. Anyway this is one of the reason that i didn't release anything, i started doing this pack since Aug and haven't got any progress till i asked Nero to help me out by doing the rest of the pack.
Just like Nero, i started to make my own render background as well. As you can see this is the result of my not so impressive photoshop skill, but for me i think it is good enough
P/s: Because there are so much frustration and impatient to upload this, there will be some bugs that i missed. Report on the shoutbox if you found one and i will fix and reup as fast as i can.
Pack also included no red dot FNP ( and of couse the silenced one ), but i don't have room to put them in the render, otherwise it will look bad.

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