Saturday, 4 July 2015

XM8 V2 WIP and small F.A.Q

So far after a long time forgot about the models and fixing bugs, it is ready for convert. No ETA but you will see it sooner or later.
And a small F.A.Q for the recent spams in the chatbox:
  • Q: Can you guys make models ?
  • A: Obviously no otherwise this blog don't exist now.
  • Q: Requests pilling up and what you gonna do about it ?
  • A: Unless Nero has problem or i can't find models than we simply can't do it or will do it after a unknown amount of times passed by. 
  • Q: (I guess some asked this question but never say anything) Why do you (me) never release things regularly like Nero ?
  • A: Nero asked me once and now i gonna repeat the same answer to you. I do mods following my "mood", if i don't do anything it means: 1) i bored 2) i forgot.
  • Q: (Same as above) Do you even do anything for the blog except standing here ?
  • A: While i don't release anything much, i do provide Nero with stuff when he asked so yes i contributed a little =D. I also got a lot of stuffs prepared like the XM8 V2 above but i simply never touch them and forgot them after a while.
And that some i can think of right now. If you got questions, simply say it on the chatbox and for the last time, if you wanna request anything, we just need one comment with a link to the model you wanted/liked.


  1. Hey for the XM8 can you add a LAM laser on the side and tac flashlight on the other and add a front and back iron sight along with the long barrel but put this muzzle brake from here and add this mag with magpul at the bottom and extend the stock and open the bipod.Also add an Elcan sight,thanks.Sorry for such a complicated req xD