Sunday, 17 April 2016

[INFO]Fancy To-Do List

I just realized I announced an announcment last post. Wow. Anyway, since I got a lot of stuff to do, I decided to show you my plans for the rest of the year. Nothing here is bound yet so don't expect a miracle.

Plans for the year:
  • Finish most requests (I will tell the people if I won't do theirs)
  • Random HQ Weapon models from the internet (Probably gamebanana)
  • Insurgency2 pack (More info on that once I have some progress)
  • Renegade X pack (Highly depends on wether I find good replacements for them)
  • Continue Planetside 2 weapons (I stopped after finishing most NS weapons and got frustrated because some of the Knife models wouldn't get extracted.)
  • Change the Blog background with something cooler
That's pretty much it for now. The last thing that I could say is that I might try out Vehicle/Skin modding. I already did a few skins (which were horrible) but it's totally in the skys.


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