Thursday, 1 September 2016

End of the Line.

As you might have noticed, nothing new has been uploaded in the past few weeks.
 To say it simple, Nothis and me have lost interest in modding GTA San Andreas.
 It was a great time in the last 2 years of the existence of this blog.
 But all things come to an end.
 You can still download the mods we've uploaded, but we won't be making new ones.

I would like to thank everyone who commented, requested, downloaded and reuploaded our mods.
Through this I managed to improve my skills in Photoshop/3dsMax.

Before we go,  here are two mods Nothis made as a good bye gift.

Again, we thanks you all. Enjoy and see you all again someday!
Yours truly, Nero and Nothis.


  1. Thank you for all the mods that you've done for us! Goodbye and all the best for both of you. :)